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    How fear can affect your investment strategy

    The fear of not getting out (F.O.N.G.O)

    Do you fear getting trapped in a particular financial situation during investing? Changes in the market can cause this form of fear. Many investors panic from the thought of losing. Though this form of fear can spread fast, you should not let it affect you.  Keep on reminding yourself of your goals in investing and try to assess the situation at hand using logic and not on emotions.

    Instead of making hasty decisions during market cycles, try to focus on your long term plans. Since market cycles can last for a few hours, days, or even months, try not to make decisions without looking at the bigger picture. Acknowledge your fear as you review your strategy to ensure that you are still on the right track.

    You can also reduce your risks of making losses by diversifying your portfolio. Spreading the risks can guarantee the safety of some of your funds and help you make more confident decisions without letting fear cloud your judgment.

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