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    Analyzing Individual Coverage HRA(ICHRA) in 2020

    January 1, 2020 onwards the U. S. Business holders are expecting to experience a new Health Benifot option for their employees-ICHRA. It is designed with the guidelines proposed by  the Federal Government . It  will work just like other HRA s but it has some add on features. Continuing reading below will help you to understand how it differs from the other two HRA s- one-stand one-person HRA and the qualified small employer HRA(QSEHRA).

    Respected president, Mr. Donald Trump,ordered to release the proposal of ICHRA in 2017 and it was advertised by the Ministry of Labor, Treasary and Health and Human Services in 2018, in the month of October.

    As per the responses from the public and the organizations on our previous blog regarding the proposed rules of ICHRA, we received almost 100% positive thoughts when we scrutinized the received comments.

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