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    Net worth & its calculation

    Protection of net worth: There are certain factors which have an impact on your net worth when they occur. There may be changes in stock market, or there may be changes in the value of your home. There also may be some months, especially festive months or the months of a function in your family or relations, when you have to make heavy purchases and all these factors will influence your net worth according to their nature. You should not worry about small month to month changes in your net worth, but long term changes should be addressed properly when they happen. Constant and regular saving, investing at regular intervals and paying off your debts when they are due to repay will certainly improve and protect your net worth. You should fix short term; medium term and long term financial goals for yourself, and always try hard to achieve them within proper time period. Don’t get over worried for your net worth because it is just a snapshot of your total assets and debts.

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