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    How to Handle Money Like a Millionaire

    If your dream is to be a millionaire or you already are one, you still might not be aware that there are certain codes that all millionaires live by.

    Hanging around with all sorts of rich people, I’ve learned to spot the differences between those who have just recently acquired wealth and are not likely to keep it and those who are probably going to be rich for as long as they live.

    You would notice it too. For some who became millionaires overnight by inheriting a ton of money or maybe winning the sweepstakes, you could see that this newfound freedom overwhelms them and they don’t really know what to do with their money.

    Most people have this perception that if you’re swimming in cash, then that allows you to live a garish lifestyle. This is not totally unreasonable because this is what we’re shown on the media.

    Drinking champagne and eating caviar on a yacht or having a garage filled with luxury cars, that’s where the average guy’s mind goes when he thinks “millionaire.”

    But real millionaires? Those folks are not flashy. Take for example, the richest guy in the world, Bill Gates. The guy drives to work in a Ford Focus. He wears a reasonable sweater and sports 10$ haircut.

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