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    Ways to manage finances with your wife or husband

    Be transparent

    In a marriage, you promise not to keep anything from each other. One of the perks of having a lifelong partner is that you can share everything with them without the fear of being judged.

    So before anything else, make sure that you’re being honest with your spouse about money. Disclose how much you make. Don’t make up a figure to get out of something.

    If you invested in something questionable or you made a silly purchase that you soon regretted, let your partner know right away.

    Secrets, not excluding money matters, are not something you should have in a marriage. After all, if you have a problem, your spouse is supposed to be there to troubleshoot and solve it with you.

    Establish some rules

    Now that everything is clear between the two of you, you have to set some rules. First, set a limit when it comes to spending on things that aren’t considered necessities.

    For example, every month, she might have a fund to buy new clothes or shoes. He, on the other hand, has a fund for video games or tickets to the game.

    The important thing to remember is to have a spending limit.

    The reason why this will come in handy is because you can’t expect your partner to be there every time you want to make a purchase. You can’t discuss every item you might want to buy.
    So at the very least, you have an idea what’s a go or no-go.

    Don’t hog the responsibility

    The trick to successful budgeting is to not do it alone. Settle on how much you’re going to spend on the expenses that are not fixed like food and recreation.

    Since it’s advisable that you keep your budget flexible, have a monthly sit-down with your spouse and decide where your funds are going.

    It’s dangerous to exclude the other person, especially when making bigger and more unusual purchases.

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