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    Are Credit Cards More beneficial than a Debit Card

    It’s a known fact that every individual faces a financial emergency at one or the other time. To fulfill the requirements one needs a reliable source that he or she can trust and get the work done in simpler and faster manner. The up’s and downs of finance show a great impact on one’s personal life. Credit Card is that plastic money which is used for doing payments like debit card. They are issued to the users who are above 18 years and has a good credit score earning a monthly salary to repay the amount on the due dates. They are best for instant cash transactions who want to pay their bills to the merchant on purchasing the goods. They ease the payment of the card holder without the need of carrying hard cash in their pockets and save a lot of time standing in queue of ATM’s for withdrawal of cash.

    They are best used for personal finance and various other purposes like paying your shopping bills, best used in case of medical emergency, for online shopping, paying children education fees, booking travel tickets, hotel rooms, and many more all with just one card  through swiping machine for instant money transactions. It is very important that the user utilizes this plastic money only when required, over expenditure will put in serious debt and affect your credit score for future loans.

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