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    How to Safeguard Yourself Credit Card from Frauds

    Today like in all other fields, frauds in credit card is also increasing now days, it is important for a person to be aware and must know how to prevent their credit card from fraud and how to deal with it. Your credit card gets misused if has been stolen or someone have got a card approved using your identity and personal information, being a credit card holder you must be aware of certain points

    1. Keep your information safe: This is one of the most common way with which your information gets misused by someone else and you do not even know that, so it is very important for you to keep your information secured and ensure that you handover your documents directly to the bank and self attest them with reason mentioned of using your ids below the signature. By doing this no one can use your documents for any other reason apart from issuing a card to you.
    2. Inform the bank: As soon as you receive statement for the purchases you have never done, inform the bank immediately and get the card blocked. Undoubtedly the payment has to be bon by you because the cars is by your name but if you rigidly tell the lenders or prove that the card has not been used by you then there may be a possibility that either your payment would get waved off or you have to pay some amount out of the total amount. So to avoid getting into such situations, be very attentive while submitting any of your personal document or Id proof.
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